Alphabet Stone with Reflection

Pronunciation of Ψ ψ (ψῖ)

  • Modern

    ps as in lips

  • Hellenistic Koiné

    ps as in lips

  • Classical

    ps as in lips

We do not have a recording of this sound, but it is common in numerous languages, including English.

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Difference between Greek and English

There is an important difference between Greek and English usage of the sound combination /ps/. In English, /ps/ never appears at the beginning of a word, but appears at the end of quite a few: lips, tips, laps, raps, caps, etc.

In Greek this combination appears frequently at the beginnig of words: ψυχή (soul, life, spirit, personality), ψιλός (bare, simple, mere), ψῦχος (cold), and many more.