Greek Books with Reflection

Greek Linguistics

Here at we have our own bibliography of Ancient Greek Linguistics entitled A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics.

This bibliography provides a listing of works that apply any form of linguistics to hellenistic Greek—the Greek language as it was used in the period following the conquests of Alexander the Great and including the time in which the Septuagint (LXX) and the New Testament of the Christian Bible were written.

Michel Buijs' Greek Linguistics Bibliography focuses on works adopting a 'functionalist' perspective. This well presented page is organized by topic. It includes works dealing with any period of Ancient Greek.

You may also search the U.S. Library of Congress holdings on Greek Linguistics. Selecting this option will take you to the advanced search page of the Library of Congress catalogue. Type the terms "Linguistics" and "Greek" as your search terms in the two search fields that appear. Leave all other settings as they appear. This will not locate all items in the Library of Congress that are relevant to the topic of Greek Linguistics, but it will give you a great sample.

Linguistic Theory

Find bibliographies of linguistic theory at these websites:

Brill’s Linguistic Bibliography Online

Unfortunately, this resource is not freely available to the public. It requires a subscription, but is available through a number of academic institutions. If you are at a university, check to see if your library has a subscription. You may be able to log in using your student ID and password.

Contrastive Linguistics: A Selective Bibliography

This bibliography of publications in contrastive linguistics is the result of collaboration between the member research units of the CoLLaTE network. "CoLLaTE" is an acronym for COntrastive Linguistics and LAnguage Typology in Europe.

CL/MT Research Group at the University of Essex

The universal search interface that used to be provided by the CL/MT Research Group has been disabled because of security concerns. Instead, they now provide a bibliography of other Linguistics Bibliographies, each of which has its own search capability.

Linguist List Search Page

The Linguist List, the largest discussion list for linguists, has an editorial staff that maintains an impressive website. You can search that website for book, journals, academic papers, and much more.

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics (MITWPL) is a student managed organization, run by the graduate students in the MIT Doctoral Program in Linguistics. MITWPL is dedicated to the promotion of linguistic research by students, both through sales of dissertations and papers, and providing funding for equipment, meetings, fieldwork etc.

SIL Bibliography (Summer Institute of Linguistics)

The Summer Institute of Linguistics maintains a web site called Ethnologue. This site includes a bibliography of "over 30,000 resources dating from 1935 to the present", works focussed mostly on modern languages but including some scattered works on Ancient Greek. The link above will select those addressing Hellenistic Greek.

Ancient Greek Literature

A bibliography of works in Ancient Greek

Apollonius Dyscolus

A website dedicated to Apollonius Dyscolus, the great Greek grammarian of the second century CE, with full bibliography, e-books, etc.