Work Log

03/19/16Remade collation using a new alignment algorithm.
03/17/16Parsed all words in the texts to lexical entries and corrected numerous errors mostly related to word divisions.
02/06/16Moved entire website to new web hosting site accessible by the domain
02/05/16Made changes to internal database structure to allow for easier updates.
01/30/16Fixed several transcription errors related to word divisions.
01/27/16Added New Testament Greek Reference Guide under the resources tab.
11/22/15Added 2015 SBL Conference powerpoint presentation under resources.
07/06/15Fixed bug in collation format where lines were occasionally doubled.
06/09/15Updated website html structure to use flexboxes.
06/04/15Converted all programs from PHP to Javascript.
04/02/15Updated all metadata including provenance and adding links to OCLC, Trismegistos, TGN, and Google Maps.
12/26/14Added transcription for GA-04.
10/26/14Changed order of sorting based on the average date instead of the first date.
10/25/14Added transcriptions for TM-102798, TM-119961, TM-120128, TM-120527, TM-120528, and TM-120532.
10/08/14Corrected TM-63820 which had been mislabeled as TM-63280.
09/24/14Added transcription for GA-0323.
09/21/14Fixed bug in the collation format. Minor problems will remain until the texts are parsed.
09/19/14Added more leafs that were missing from GA-029+.
09/09/14Added transcriptions for TM-59453, TM-61617, and TM-61840.
09/06/14Released revised version of website and updated the Project Description and Manuscript Standards documents.
08/31/14Updated html formatting of collation and transcripts.
07/18/14Reclassified P7, P10, P50, P62, and P78 as Class 2 manuscripts with Trismegistos numbers since they do not represent continuous texts of the New Testament.
07/02/14Converted manuscript data to SQL tables allowing for future parsing and word searches.
03/17/14Beta release of the CNTR website.

Future Plans