Our new secure server is up and running! Anything that you can find on this server at (except this blog), you can also find on a secure server at This blog itself is duplicated on a secure server at

Over the next few weeks, most of the addresses beginning with will begin to redirect to the secure server as well, be patient as I work to make this happen!

Future updates to this blog will happen at If you have bookmarked any of the blog posts here, I advise you to update your bookmarks. Bookmarks for other parts of this site will take care of themselves when all the updates are finished, but the blog will not. and

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The domain name, which for some time now has worked as an alias for, will be out of service for a few days as we make the move to a more secure web server. I will be using the name to set up the new server and test the site to ensure that everything works well before everything goes live there.

You should not experience any disruption of service as long as you use the address If you try to go to, you may notice glitches or the site may refuse to load. Just be patient. We will get there!