A Linguistic Analysis of the Articular Infinitive in New Testament Greek

Burk, Articular InfinitiveI have added Dennis Ray Burk’s doctoral dissertation “A linguistic analysis of the articular infinitive in New Testament Greek” to the bibliography.

Dr. Burk wrote this dissertation in 2004, and the data he compiled has contributed positively to the ongoing development of open data resources.

If you have other works that you would like to see included in A Comprehensive Bibliography of Hellenistic Greek Linguistics, you can check the criteria for inclusion and make a suggestion by clicking the bibliography link at the top of any page on this blog.

Updated bibliography recommendation page

Bookshelf imageI have updated and simplified the page for recommending additions to the bibliography. Now you just give your name, an email address where I can reach you (I will not share it), and what you know about the book, article, or web resource you want to recommend.

I appreciate those of you who have made recommendations in the past. They have been very helpful. Perhaps now the process will be a little easier.

New Exercises for the online grammar

I have uploaded a recorded version of the first lesson of my online Greek grammar, including two flash card exercises to practice phonemic awareness. The open source software I used to write the old exercises is no longer updated and is not HTML5 compliant. I’m now using U5P, also open source, to write new and better exercises. The ones in this first lesson are pretty basic (flashcards) but more sophisticated exercises will be coming later in the summer.

What?! Ads at Greek-Language.com? Oh, no!

ShockedSmileyThat’s right. You see an ad in the upper right corner of the main page, just below the header. (And there’s another one on the right near the bottom of the main blog page.)

I have decided to allow a limited range of ads to help pay the expenses of maintaining Greek-Language.com, but there are a few limitations that I still insist on:

  • No ads in the grammar
  • Only ads related to the content of the page being viewed
  • Ads must be small and unobtrusive [That is… you can read the page and not be distracted by them.]

If you notice an ad that seems to violate any of these limitations, please feel free to contact me and complain!


Carl Conrad’s view of Ancient Greek Voice (Again)

Carl Conrad has published a new, very brief account of the view of Greek voice that he has been proposing for several years now. You can get a copy of the AGNT Newsletter in which it appears at the link below. The title of the article is “Ancient Greek Voice Forms: Categorizing and Making Sense of Them.”

If you have not yet read Dr. Conrad’s approach to voice, take this opportunity to do so. The new article is short and presents a helpful overview of his perspective—a perspective I believe should become the dominant one with time.

The link below will take you to a page that has not only the new article, but his older, more extensive comments on the topic as well.